Why you shouldn’t do Sub4Sub on youtube…

So many people ask to do Sub4Sub but it’s not as helpful as they may think.

In fact it might not be helpful at all. I see numerous comments on popular videos saying things like “Sub4Sub” or “Sub to me, I’ll return the favour” but what are they really getting out of this? Actual channel growth? ¬†Other peoples low quality content in their sub box or an ego boost? I’m inclined to believe that it’s definitely not actual channel growth.

If you have personally done sub4sub in the past, Did you watch the other persons content when it appeared in your sub box? Did you then proceed to leave a like or relevant comment? And finally, did you then proceed to share it on social media? At best, you probably watched it for a minute or so and then decided to never watch their content again. Don’t feel guilty though… they do the exact same.

It goes against the whole point of YouTube

The best part of YouTube is building a community, talking to many different people and providing your viewers with enjoyable content. Sure, it’s nice to see your channel growing quickly but sub4sub isn’t legitimate growth. As mentioned above, the best subscribers you can find are ones that will watch your content & interact with you. Whether it’s liking your video, commenting, sharing it on social media or tweeting you. It doesn’t matter.

There’s many different ranking factors for YouTube videos, video engagement is one of them. So slowly building a community that cares will be much more beneficial than getting endless subs on throwaway accounts, not to mention, it’s WAY more fun.

How YOU can grow a community

It’s actually easier than you may think, you just need to be active in already established communities relevant to your channel. I’m not saying sign up to a forum or Reddit and spam your videos everywhere. That’s only going to bring low quality viewers. Make an effort, interact and become trusted in the community while sharing your videos once in a while and asking for their thoughts on said video or the topic covered in the video.

For example: If people are asking a question and you have the answer in video form, post the video and a helpful comment. It may be that the Original poster and many others click through to your channel from the embedded video.

Another way is to be active on other peoples YouTube videos. Provide useful and helpful insight to other viewers by commenting and replying to others. If the person on the other end is anything like me, they’ll be curious and check out your channel without any instruction to do so.

I hope this article has changed your opinion on sub4sub and you are now growing your channel legitimately and benefiting from the switch.

If you are, next time someone asks to do a sub swap, send them to this article instead of doing it!

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