Five different ways to get Steam Games cheap!

How-to get steam games cheap 2017 methods

It’s easy to get Steam games cheap, but do you know how?

If not, why not? You’re pretty much losing money on every purchase, right? Unfortunately with PC Gaming you don’t have the option to resell often, if at all. Even if you buy physical copies, you have to activate the code on a DRM such as Steam, Origin or Battle.Net. That is why many PC gamers will use the methods listed below so that they can get steam games cheap.

Third Party sites:

You have your main stores such as Game, Amazon, GamersGate and GreenManGaming which are all 100% legitimate and source their keys straight from the publishers themselves however because of this, prices aren’t as cheap as they could be. Should you hit these sites during sale time, you will be able to find good pick ups. You may pay extra but you get peace of mind.

There’s also Grey Market sites such as G2ACDKeys, Kinguin and other sites that can be found on DLCompare are a lot cheaper, but do come with an element of risk. Not only do they sell keys themselves, some (G2A/Kinguin) offer a marketplace for users to buy and sell which can lead to even more competitive prices. Should you choose to use these sites, make sure to pay the little extra for the protection they offer.

Make sure before you buy that the key or gift is valid in your region. Should you have to get your money back because you’ve had a rare issue, PayPal always side with the buyer when it comes to virtual goods.

Buy CS:GO keys and then trade for the Steam Gift:

I used to do this method quite a bit, it’s possibly the best way to get new releases for cheaper than store price. If you’re part of a gaming forum that has a marketplace you may have seen people selling keys for anywhere between $1.80-$2.20 Paypal/Bitcoin. Keys are also sold cheaper on websites such as OPSkins, BitSkins and r/GlobalOffensiveTrade. If you’re buying off of a Forum or Reddit you’ll need to do your research or get a trusted middleman. Check the sellers profile for previous sales threads and possible scam reports.

Once you have bought the keys, head on over to sites such as r/SteamGameSwap, Steam Trades, TF2 Outpost and CSGO/Dota 2 Lounge. Use the search feature to filter trades that only include the game you’re trying to buy. Once you’ve done that, spend time going through every trade that is listed to find the cheapest price. I personally only trade for Steam Gifts as there is almost 0 chance of getting scammed, just use the trade window (his game for your keys). Just make sure you’re buying a ROW Gift or one from your region.

Steam Trade Window
Use the steam trade window when trading for games. Region Locked Games show a red exclamation mark.


Buying discounted Steam Gift Cards:

Get steam gift cards cheap from forums and other websites - How-to get steam games cheap

Just like the Third party sites, this could be classed as Grey Market. You are able to get Steam Wallet codes cheaper on forums, r/GiftCardExchange and third party key sites. When it comes to Forums and Reddit the sellers are often selling cards they don’t need that they have bought or been gifted. Once again, do your research and don’t deal if you’re not confident. The last thing you want to do is lose money, especially when you’re trying to save it.

Steam Sales:

Steam sales are great. It doesn’t even have to be the big ones (Easter/Summer/Christmas). Midweek Madness and Weekend Deals are often as cheap as the games are going to get (within reason). Even though Boogie2988’s video is now 3 years old it’s still very helpful. Keep in mind that you’re eligible for refunds if you keep the games playtime under 2 hours.

Bundle Sites:

This is perhaps the best method to get steam games cheap. If you’re looking to build your library, rather than quality these sites are great. That’s not to say there isn’t some great bundles. HumbleBundle, IndieGala and Bundlestars team up with publishers to offer time limited bundles with games that you can activate on Steam. Should you be interested in a grey market option, G2A are now offering a monthly bundle as well.

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