How and Where to sell your video games

Sell your video games and earn money towards a new release

Have games that you don’t play anymore? Why not sell your video games?

It’s insanely easy to sell your video games nowadays. I don’t think it has been any easier than now. With new releases often being priced as high as £59.99, many look to buy games 2nd hand. Who can blame them? Continue reading to find out where to sell your video games.

Game store trade-ins

Trading in at your local game store is the most convenient option you’ll find on this list. It is however the lowest paying option 9 times out of 10. Consider them the sharks of game selling. Gamestop is notorious for bad trade-in prices, you can read about consumer experiences here.

GameStop Trade-ins are the biggest rip off ever?

When trading in for store credit or towards another game most companies will pay a little better as they’re getting repeat business. When trading in at these stores, go in expecting a low price and don’t get offended. If the price offered doesn’t work for you, leave and use any of the following methods.

Check online beforehand as most mainstream game stores offer trade-in prices online.

Scan & Sell Apps

There’s a bunch of mobile apps that allow you to scan your games and they’ll offer a price. A lot of these are low paying, just like trade-in stores.

However if you have a lot of games from an old console that aren’t selling elsewhere, these apps can be very helpful.


MusicMagpie Logo


WeBuyGames - Sell your video games online!

Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any American ones. Both Music Magpie and WeBuyGames are UK based. I’ve used both and they offer a great service. As far as I can remember, they give you a free postage label to print off. It’s 100% free to sell with both of these companies.

Local Classified Ad apps & websites

An unbelievable amount of options in this field. You can go with Craigslist, Gumtree, OLX and more. Post listings from your PC or Mobile and sell to people around you.

Gumtree Logo - Sell Games on Classified Ad websites

Obviously if you’re in a small town in the middle of nowhere, the buyers and listings on these sites and apps will be limited. However if you’re in a big city, you can have a field day on these sites.

Just be careful when dealing on such apps and websites. There is a handful of illegitimate sellers that are trying to make a quick buck from flashed games, broken games and other scams. As good as these sites are, the good can also come with the bad.

That being said, I would definitely stay away from buying consoles. Losing £150 or so because you bought a second hand console would be rough, if it breaks or is already broken, there’s no security.

I have sold many different things on these sites, you don’t need to stick to just video games.

Garage Sales, Car boot sales, Fairs & Markets

Hold a garage sale or attend car boots! Whatever you have to do to sell excess video games!

All of these are pretty self explanatory. If there’s a car boot sale, Market or a Fair to help fund-raise for something there’s almost always going to be an opportunity to hire a plot to set up shop. Keep an eye out for event advertisements in newspapers, leaflets and even on social media.

While you’ll have to take time out of your day off to attend and sell your stuff there, it’s fun and you’ll even be able to get a reasonable price for the worst of games. You will get a handful of people that try to haggle with you on what’s already a good offer but that’s to be expected.

On the other hand you’ll also have kids that have wanted said game for a while and are now super excited to get it. There’s something quite satisfying about seeing a person happy with their purchase while you’re also benefiting from the sale. It’s a win/win situation.

Facebook Groups

Similar to listing sites, Facebook groups allow you to make your own classified ads that will show up in group members feeds.

Like many of the other options, the more populated the Town or City you live in, the more chance you have of a sale or bargain. My Town is somewhat small but there’s some very active groups which if you list an item for a reasonable price, you’ll have absolutely no problem selling.

The same rules apply here, I’d stay away from buying anything too expensive such as a console. Always make sure that the items sold are 100% legitimate.

You can meet up in public to do the swaps but a lot of people are willing to come to your house and pick it up or vice versa. When selling in these groups, it’s not too uncommon for people to buy more than 1 item off of you. Heck, some even add you and ask you to notify them of sales that you just listed so they can be first on the deal.


Sell games on Ebay - Be careful though!

Ebay used to come with a bunch of nightmare stories, still does to an extent. I believe people would be more prone to scamming on Ebay because they don’t recognise sellers as people, where as when you have to meet to do the switch, everything changes.

The selling process on Ebay is very simple. If you don’t already know how to Ebay. you can read more here.  Make sure to read up on “How-to avoid scams on Ebay.”

Selling on Ebay already seems like a lot of effort right? I guess it is. Although 9/10 times you’re going to get the best price selling your game on Ebay.

Have a lot of games to sell? Dedicate a day or weekend to selling these. Take high quality photos and set to work on creating auctions. While it may seem like a slog, you’ll be grateful for the extra money.

Final thoughts

There’s a lot of different factors to consider when selling video games. Selling straight to vendors will result in taking a hit on the money front but is convenient. When you sell to apps, you’ll have to post it to the company and they may not accept some games. Garage Sales, Car boots and Markets mean that you have to stand at your stall and sell all day. As you may already know, selling online comes with many risks.

I suggest trying out every method mentioned above, find what one suits you best.

If you made money from selling your video games in the past, what did you buy with the money? Comment below!

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