5 Must Buy Playstation 4 Sports Games

The Best released and upcoming PS4 Sports Games in 2017!

These Sports Games are great fun!

At the time of reading this article, some of these games will already be nearing the end of their cycles. Madden is one of them. Pay attention when buying yearly releases, always check when the next title is out. I will continually update this article so that it includes the best PS4 sports games all year round.

MLB The Show 17:

Exclusive to Playstation, MLB The Show 17 will be available in stores on 28th March, 2017. A must have for any Baseball fan. The Show 17 will feature many exciting game-play improvements and increased customisation. New features include:

Road To The Show: An RPG mode which lets you take full control of your player. You will be faced with Career changing decisions on a road to success, lets just hope you choose right!

Retro Mode: Who doesn’t love nostalgia? MLB The Show 17 will feature a retro mode designed to take you back in years paying tribute to the classic baseball games you may have played.

Year-to-Year Saves: Has your career just started to get exciting? Have you invested 100’s of hours into your current one? Now you don’t have to leave them behind! MLB The Show 17 will allow you to transfer your 16 career or franchise saves over to 17, 17 to 18 and so on.

Very impressive indeed. MLB The Show 17 offers many game modes, so if you want a casual experience or the whole 9 innings this game is for you! For me The Show is one of the most exciting PS4 Sports games this year, Baseball fan or not.

The Golf Club

Golf has always been dominated by EA. As far as I can remember it’s always been about EA’s PGA Tour. Not this year! The Golf Club offers the best golfing experience on PS4 to date. Thanks to the Greg Norman Course Designer there’s endless gold courses for you to work through, courses are cross platform and can be shared with any Xbox, Playstation or PC user! If you’re not into building courses you can enjoy the game in the offline “seasons mode”, head online and tee off with a friend or enter competitions to prove you’re the best!

The Golf Club 2 is already under development, you can keep up with its progress here!

Pure Pool

There’s a surprising lack of Pool and Snooker games on the PS4, unless you count the Free-to-play ones with considerable amounts of micro-transactions. Pure Pool is more than just a time filler. It’s as close to a real game of pool you’re going to get without actually paying for a table. Pure Pool caters to both casuals and pro’s offering a trajectory line which can be turned on and off. Whether you want to Invite a friend round to play, Enjoy a surprisingly challenging Campaign or play competitively online this game has it all.

It has it all… but there’s no snooker right?! WRONG! You can get the Snooker Downloadable content from the Playstation store

Dirt Rally

Codemasters have finally moved away from the Dirt 3 Arcade like game and is back to focusing on what Rally should really feel like. This is a must buy for anybody that wants to feel the adrenaline, rush and frustration of rally driving. Unlike previous Dirt games, Dirt Rally only comes with 2 disciplines, Stage Rally and Rallycross. As for progression, you start off with older and cheaper cars on shorter stages, once you’ve earned some money and complete events you’ll graduate to longer stages and have money to buy a decent car. Prepare yourself, Dirt Rally comes with a huge learning curve, it’s a game where you actually have to drive the car, control the throttle and not just put your foot on the gas and go from A to B. Should you decide to buy this game, listen to your Co-Driver and seriously… don’t cut.

Dirt 4 is in development and due to be released on the 9th of June 2017. While Dirt Rally is outstanding, it may be worth waiting to see if they’ve released an even better game or have returned to the Dirt 3 Arcade feel.

 Project Cars

Another Racing game in the list of must buy PS4 Sports games, they must be doing something right. Project Cars is another game, like Dirt Rally that has moved away from catering to everyone. While everyone can play the game and adjust with time, not everyone will. Should you start at the beginning, Project Cars takes you on a long journey where you start out in a Racing Kart,working your way through events will eventually gain you access to better cars. When it comes to online, like any other racing game with collision mode on you will get some trolls crashing into you. There is many more serious racing communities with race night events that can be found in the Playstation Communities or online forums which will really improve your Project Cars experience.

As of right now Project Cars 2 and Gran Turismo: Sport are in development, both are set to be released in 2017 so you may be better off waiting.

The headliners…

I feel like most people know what ps4 sports games to buy when it comes to the more popular ones. A lot of the market is dominated by EA, there isn’t a Madden or NHL alternative. The Alternative to FIFA is very poor in comparison (PES having better gameplay is perhaps the only point you can argue).

I’m not too experienced when it comes to Basketball games, however 9/10 people I’ve spoke to side with NBA 2k over EA’s NBA Live.

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