Keep an eye out for these incredible March Gaming Releases!

March Gaming Releases may be for the casual but they still look great!

That’s not to say you will not like them. If you’re looking for something to change up your gaming experience, March is full of interesting gaming products. I know the Nintendo fans cannot wait!

Nintendo Switch (£279): Released 03/03/2017

Without a doubt, the Nintendo Switch is the biggest gaming release in March 2017. Heck, it may even be the biggest gaming release in 2017! The Nintendo Switch is a very versatile console which allows you to play at home on your TV like any other console but also gives you the option to take it handheld! The Switch has taken features from the DS such as wireless local multiplayer (up to 8 players).

Nintendo Switch exclusives due to release at a later date include titles such as “Super Mario Odyssey”, “Mario Kart 8 Deluxe”, “Splatoon 2” and more! You can buy the Switch for £279.

1-2 Switch (£34.99): Released 03/03/17

What would a Nintendo Console release be if it wasn’t geared towards party games?! 1-2 Switch is a take on traditional party and face-to-face games such as a 2 Person Western Shootout, Samurai Training (It’s pretty much Slaps/Red Hands), Table Tennis and more. It’s a game you’d expect to come as a bonus with the console, like Wii Sports did back in the day. Unfortunately it’s not, you have to buy 1-2 Switch for £34.99.

Video Game Releases (All Platforms)- March 2017

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands – Released  07/03/2017

Finally, a non Nintendo product in the list of March gaming releases. Ghost Recon: Wildlands is set to be the first open world military shooter where you can play solo or four player co-op. You will find yourself in Bolivia fighting the Santa Blanca drug cartel.

This game isn’t setup like old ghost recon titles. Ghost Recon is a lot more developed, taking the positives from Watch Dogs and Farcry but still feels like a ghost recon title at the same time. Buy Ghost Recon: Wildlands for £44.00 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 or PC.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Released 23/03/2017

This Mass Effect game is set in… you guessed it! The galaxy of Andromeda! New additions to the game include Jump Boosts, destructible environments and all new weapons and Biotics. With a much improved weapon and skill progression tree, you’ll be able to play Mass Effect Andromeda however you want.

Co-op Multiplayer welcomes the Apex Forces. You will find yourself in a class based, fire team experience with up to 3 other players. Andromeda also brings optional strike teams that will allow you to progress and earn rewards for both your online and offline inventory. Buy Mass Effect Andromeda on Amazon for £46 on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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