How to use Razer Cortex, Razers new software

How to use Razer Cortex - Razers New Gaming software full of outstanding and useful features!

Another Gaming software? Here’s how to use Razer Cortex.

Is Cortex another piece of software that’s not going to get used? I don’t think so. From first glance, it’s Razers attempt at creating something like Nvidia’s GeForce Experience. Unlike GE, it’s available for all PC users and offers features useful to all gamers. It’s User Interface is actually pretty easy, but we’re going to teach you how to use Razer Cortex anyway.

Game Library:

Razer Cortex Game Library pulls your games from all DRM's. - How to use Razer Cortex Gaming Software

You will find all of your installed games here. Whether it’s on Origin, Steam, Battle.Net or GOG it’s certain your games will be there. Don’t like the layout? Check out the top right corner, you can change from a grid layout to a list.

Hover your mouse over a game and you’ll find a “Play” button which will launch your game and will execute the game booster process.

You will also find a “View Dashboard” option. The dashboard shows you Media you have captured using Razer Cortex Gamecaster, DLC for said game and current game deals. If you scroll down a little bit further you’ll also find a FPS Chart. This shows frame rate data from sessions longer than 1 minute.

Here’s my Arma 3 Frame Rate data and computer specifications. I averaged 50 FPS, peaking at 62 and dropping as low as 0. Razer Cortex also shows you an FPS counter in-game on the top left of your corner if launched through Cortex with the Gamecaster overlay enabled.


Razer Cortex Deal Screen - Find out the hottest gaming deals from legitimate sites.

In the “Deals” section, there’s many different tabs that can be clicked these are:

“Featured”: Find the “Deals of The Day” on this screen. I believe they’re chosen by Razer and there is definitely some self promotion in there, however it does highlight the best deals. There’s also lists that show you “Editors Picks”, “New & Noteworthy”, “Popular”, “Recommended” and “Most wished in (x Month)”. While it’s nothing special, I’d definitely suggest looking through these if you’re on the lookout for a new game.

“Exclusives”: In this tab you will find a bunch of Exclusive deals and giveaways for Razer Cortex users. The deals are often time restricted and only a certain number of copies are given away. So you’ll have to be checking back regularly if you want to snag yourself a free game.

“All Games”: Self explanatory, It’s a list of all discounted games. You can filter the deals by Genre, Distributor, Type (Full game/DLC) and sort them by price, discount % and title. There’s also a search feature where you can search for any game you want whether there’s a deal on or not.

“Recommended”: This tab offers you game suggestions based upon your library. The filters offered are the same as “All Games”. You will also find Metacritic ratings, screenshots and short descriptions of the games.

“Wishlist”: Quite a nice feature I have to admit. You can connect your Steam, GOG and GamersGate accounts to Razer Cortex so that it syncs you wish lists to the client. While it’s not the most groundbreaking feature ever, it’s definitely nice to keep track of multiple wishlists on one place. Again you will find the same filter options as before.


Razer Cortex GameCaster New Streaming feature built into gaming software

Just like GeForce Experience, Razer Cortex has a built in game capture and broadcast feature.  It’s fair to say  this isn’t the most in-depth screen, however if you look next to the titles “Capture” and Devices there’s 3 dots. If you click on the dots, you’ll find many different options. The Video options are Resolution, Video FPS, Video Quality and Codec. As for the devices, it simply allows you to select the devices you want to use and hotkeys

My favorite feature this Gamecaster has is definitely the choice of Streaming sites you have built in. It’s very easy for people that don’t want to learn a software such as Xsplit, OBS or any other streaming software.

What i find outrageous is that a “PRO” membership (£26.99/year) is required to show a personalised logo and Be right back screen. This is a simple overlay, which is simply done by adding a scene in one of the previously mentioned software.

The Media tab is self explanatory and Shortcut Keys too. There’s a shortcut key to run a twitch commercial, in all honesty, I don’t see many. If any. Partnered streamers using Razer Cortex to broadcast.

Razer Cortex:Boost

Razer Game Booster is now integrated into Razer cortex (How to use razer cortex)

Previously Razer Game Booster, now integrated into the Razer Cortex Software. This is the trickiest part of the software and In this “How to use razer cortex” guide, we’re not going to go too in-depth. If you have limited knowledge of computers, it’s best left to Razer. Simply use the recommended settings, do not configure unless you really know what you’re doing. Does this bring any significant performance enhancements? I’m not too convinced.

“My Rig” tab is simply a list of your current PC specifications, however it will allow you to generate a diagnostic report.

Finally, the Rewards Tab.

If you want to, you can claim zsilver rewards every day you login. They can be used towards anything in this list. Not the most exciting feature, however another reason to boot up the software daily.

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