How to use Double XP tokens in Infinite Warfare

how to use double xp token in infinite warfare very easy

Infinite Warfare has had double xp tokens for almost a month!

Yet I still see posts daily on forums and the Infinite Warfare sub reddit asking how to use them. You may already know how to activate the double XP tokens if you participated in certain promotions at release or if you watched a streamer trying to get to 10th prestige as fast as possible.

How do I get double XP tokens in Infinite Warfare?

Like most good things in recent call of duty games, you can find them in Supply Drops. They’re a “rare” drop however they’re somewhat easy to get in both common and rare supply drops. There’s not been an experiment to see which yields better results but from experience I’d say the common drops tend to give them out a little bit more. Obviously though, it’s all luck.

Get double xp tokens from supply drops in Infinite Warfare

And with a click of a button, your XP is doubled!

Once you’ve finished a match and see the summary,At the bottom of the match summary screen it will say “Continue”, “back” & “2XP Token” with the buttons next to it.

All you have to do is press Square on Playstation and X on the Xbox controller and there will be a screen pop up asking you if you want to double the xp of your last game.

When to use Double XP tokens?

The best time to use double xp tokens is on a double xp weekend. That way you get 4x xp. Although if you want to use them every day, play longer game modes where you get more XP anyway and then use the token.

You should also use them after completing camo challenges such gold, diamond and even Dark Matter. However if you can save the Dark Matter completion until a double xp weekend and quadruple the XP, you can go up almost a full prestige.

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