These tricks will get you Free PS4 Games

It’s insanely easy to get Free PS4 Games!

Monthly PS Plus Games – If you’re a Playstation Plus user you’ll be able to get free PS4 games every single month. Once you’ve added them to your library, they’re your games to play until your membership expires. So it’s worth keeping your membership renewed just so you can keep these games. It’s up to the publishers to offer their games for free so sometimes you don’t get the best games. Some of the better games have been Rocket League, NBA 2K16 and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


Free To Play Games –  It’s incredibly easy to get free PS4 Games, all you have to do is have a Playstation Network account. You don’t even need gold! Well, if they are multiplayer only you will. They’re probably crap, right? Surprisingly no. Most Free To Play games include micro transaction so they have to be good enough to get players hooked to then spend money. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy a few myself. You may have heard of Loadout, Smite and War Thunder. That’s right, all of them are free.


Loadout - Free PS4 Games

Loadout is a very fun take on Third Person Arena Shooters. You can expect to see a lot of bullets, lasers and people jumping around. It’s fair to say, this game is all about the guns. Loadout offers in-depth gun customization as this is where they get their money. You can buy weapon parts with both real money and money you have earned through playing. I’ll admit, Loadout has a pretty balanced payment model and any opponents that spend a lot of money, don’t win every gun battle. At only 5gb there’s absolutely no harm in downloading this game and trying it out.


Smite - Free Moba on Playstation 4

Smite has been around for quite a long time on PC. However they’ve only released the console version within the past year. This MOBA lets you play in both 3rd person and 1st person, which is very different than most other top down MOBA’s. If you have played League of Legends or Dota 2 on PC, you’ll know how many buttons they use. Smite on PS4 is surprisingly easy and natural, Hi-Rez have done a good job on the controls. Smite’s only microtransactions are for cosmetic items to change hero appearances.

War Thunder:

War Thunder - Get Free Playstation 4 games from the store

War Thunders graphics are insanely good on PS4, despite being a very demanding game. Fight in fast paced Air Combat, take out ground forces or fight at sea…War Thunder has it all. It even has a Guinness world record for the most planes in a Flight Sim game. It’s hard to say whether that’s a good thing or not as it takes a lot of play time to unlock these or a lot of money. Perhaps download War Thunder and try it out but it has started becoming more and more Pay 2 Win.

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