The most expensive Steam Inventory in the world?!

Who owns the most expensive steam inventory?

We all want a better CS:GO Inventory than we have…

Unfortunately it takes a lot of time, effort and/or money to get an expensive steam inventory. Today, we’ll showcase the most expensive open inventory. While there is probably much better inventories on Steam, they’re private and very possibly earned in black-hat ways. Of course, there is many different browser plugins that help streamline the Steam Trading experience you can find these here. This article is accurate at the time of writing but it may change due to people trading and cashing out.

As far as I’m aware, the number 1 inventory on CSGO.Exchange “Zsozsika” is 100% legit and comes in at a whopping $190,000.

Most expensive steam and CSGO inventory

As you can see, sorting his inventory by “Value” he has a lot of Dragon Lore’s, Medusa’s and Howl’s. All of which hold a significant value before taking into consideration Floats and other factors. Speaking of float, Zsozsika has skins with floats as low as 0.00016 

Would you like this Dota 2 Inventory? I know I would!

While Dota 2 Items tend not to be as valuable as CS:GO, there’s still people with an inventory that may equal or even double your annual income.

Most expensive dota 2 inventory online

hans_jonsson85 has a very good inventory, full of Arcana’s, Golden TI Immortal Items and more. This Dota 2 Inventory comes in at $50,000.

Honourable Mentions:

Most will already know about PalmDesert, the gamer from Japan which is now Steam Level 1111. Palm has a very respectable 37,000 Steam Community Items which can be anything from games, trading cards, emotes and more. Palm doesn’t just support Steam, there’s a plugin called Enhanced Steam which he is a gold level Patreon for. While he doesn’t own the most expensive steam inventory in the world, he’s definitely put a lot of money into his account and it may even be the most expensive steam account?!

H1Z1 items aren’t all marketable, so it’s hard to tell how much Streamer/Youtube CDNThe3RD‘s  H1Z1 inventory is worth.

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