It’s true! The Destiny 2 release date was moved forward to prevent server melt down.

Destiny 2 Release date brought forward

Destiny 2 Release date brought forward

Why the Destiny 2 Release date is now September the 6th.

It’s highly unlikely that you missed it. Bungie have moved the Destiny 2 release date forward a day or two. It’s very rare that a games release date gets brought forward. Fans of GTA V (PC) and Red Dead Redemption will be more than aware of this. Director Luke Smith was asked why Bungie felt it necessary to release Destiny 2 earlier. 

While it is only released a couple of days earlier, July 21st for the beta and September 6th for the full game. It’s still very intriguing as it’s somewhat uncommon among game releases. Smith went on to say that it’s somewhat simple, almost EVERYONE plays video games on the weekend. Whether it’s an hour or a longer session, most people don’t work weekends and choose to play video games.
Smith says “We were looking at a number of logistics; the technical diligence.” He also added that previous Bungie games show that Saturday is when most people play. So releasing Destiny 2 on Friday would put their tech teams under needless pressure.

Release day will always be hectic but you CAN take precautions…

It’s a bad idea to release your game the day before its projected busiest day. Smith acknowledged that downtime on the Saturday of release would in-fact be very bad. It’s obvious that Bungie have brought the release date forward so that the player base can grow. Which Bungie will then slowly increase server scalability should the game be more popular than they expected.
I’d be lying if I said that Destiny 2 wasn’t going to be big. Destiny currently has over 30 million registered players. It’s very likely that a high number of those will be returning for the sequel. What are the chances that Destiny 2 is even bigger? 

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