Do more with your time, become a Youtuber!

Got lots of free time and want to do something fun? Become a YouTuber.

What is stopping you? There’s an unbelievable amount of people sharing random content online and having fun. Why not join them and become a YouTuber? If you’re reading this article you may already be considering it and to the people that are, I’d say make the jump!

You may have legitimate reasons, such as not having the time. That’s a valid excuse, it takes time to create quality content and build a community. If you really want to become a YouTuber then you will have to make time!

But I don’t have the equipment?

Invest in a microphone, you need a good one to become a youtuber

Once again, a valid excuse. Although you might have the equipment, just not realise it. It obviously depends on the type of videos you want to make. Vlogs? Use your Phone to start with. Gaming Videos on PC? You probably have a headset and a half decent PC, download OBS and start right now. Gaming on a Console? Once again, you most likely have a headset with a microphone. What’s awesome is that both next-gen consoles already have a built in game capture, so no rush to buy an Elgato.
That’s some ways to start YouTube for free. At the beginning, the videos you make will not be the best. Yet you’ll be educating yourself and working towards better content. Have some money to invest? you should check out our “Budget YouTube Equipment” article for some ideas on what to buy.

I can’t afford the video editing software

Free Video Editing Software

This isn’t a valid excuse, you can find the best free video editing software here. If you’re looking to make videos on your phone, use these Android and iPhone editors. You can get better software for free but it’s illegal and I will not be telling you how to do that.

Your Internet may not allow you to become a youtuber.

Slow Internet and Usage limits may be a hassle when starting youtube.
This is the biggest factor that would stop you from starting your own channel. You can work around slow upload speeds (Leave your video to upload while you’re away). Unfortunately you can’t avoid Data usage limits without upgrading your internet plan. I remember getting calls at the end of each month telling me I was going way over my usage allowance. They said if I do not upgrade or lower my usage, my ISP would end my contract.
If you don’t know what your internet plan is, contact your ISP or someone who does know. It’s very important you
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